C-Prints mounted on aluminum, speakers, approx. 1.4 TB Sound recording of 100 days duration

44” x 132”



This durational sound sculpture was born at the Art Gallery of Alberta January 25th as the terminus of the artist’s live cinema performance, Peregrination. The final visual chord of the piece, as it receded in the AGA theatre, sounded at dc3 Art Projects and decayed progressively through the entire run of the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Tritone was a continuous performance of 100 days. Three pure tones generated by custom electronic circuitry were programmed to continuously interact and evolve as the musical piece played in the dc3 Art Projects front gallery space. Joynes made a daily ritual out of his pilgrimage to the gallery ; his peregrination to download, backup and save the massive sound files.

Tritone is also a visual record of the genesis of the sound, as three individual physical/visual forms stretch and reach through space. The audible sound elements pushed through technology and electronics to play in sand create the mesmerizing patterns hanging on the wall.


Tritone Installation at dc3 Art Projects


Tritone 424 Hz (2013)


Tritone 632 Hz (2013)


Tritone 1.29 kHz (2013)


Thank you to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for the amazing support provided in the realization of this work.