34dd Collective


The 34DD Collective: Kasie Campbell & Gary James Joynes

Kasie Campbell and Gary James Joynes have collaborated on one visual-sound installation with plans to continue on future projects when time and life allows.


The 34DD Collective: Kasie Campbell & Gary James Joynes

Anticipated Alliterations (Body Talk) takes its influence from this glimpse into the unseen and unheard communication system that is inside our bodies. The expected outcomes of the work will be an installation of sculptural visual-sound objects in space. Composed sound frequencies, pulses and subsonic vibrations will animate the surfaces of the sculptural works from the inside out. An imagined internal organ system is exposed meeting its integumentary system (skin) and will initiate a movement-response language and an evolving vocabulary between the works in space.



DYSCORPIA: Intersections of the Body and Technology
23 April – 30 June 2019
Enterprise Square Galleries, Edmonton