12 TONES (Installation)


Edition of 2

12 x 48″ x 48″ Aluminum Mounted Chromogenic Prints with Custom Sonar Proximity Sensor Body Mapping + Room Pulsing Pure Tone Sound Generators + Self-Powered Speaker Systems


12 TONES combines iconic Cymatic sound wave sculpture (documented/exhibited as photography) and interactive (generative) sound composition into an immersive environment exploring the relationship between sound waves and their visual counterpart. The exhibition offers a portal to escape the world of the everyday.


Tonal energy, featured in cultures the world over, has been used to promote meditation and enlightenment. Similarly, mandalas and non-object based imagery have represented the unknowable, the infinite. Global cultural memory contains similar pure forms to the images in the Frequency Painting series. Are these inventions of human creativity or the physical manifestation of sound in our worlds? Perhaps these SONIC forms have an innate and synaesthetic connection to the visual content of our disparate cultures. 12 TONES links these pure aesthetic truths explored over hundreds of millennia.


Each image in 12 TONES is the visible form of the sound that created it, sculpted by shaping high volume sound waves through a custom designed wave driver plate machine and then photographed. The sound component compliments the photography through the use of hand-made sonar sensors triggering and modulating a speaker system emitting the very sine wave which generated the image. Each image is accompanied by one of these custom sound generators that modulates the volume both randomly and interactively based on viewer movement within the exhibition space. The interactivity is subtle yet is what holds the exhibition together as the 12-channel audio moiré of binaural beats and phase shifts morphs with every change in volume, a perpetually evolving composition played by the installation (random sonar pulses) in concert with it’s viewers.


No two participants ever have the same sonic experience.


(Custom electronics design and software programming)

12 Tones Installation Photography by Cameron Ambrose


12 Tones at Latitude 53 Contemporary Culture Gallery




There are a total of 12 C-Prints which have been released as the 12 TONE Series.

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12 Tones 632.94 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 450.57 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 434.97 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 423.62 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 330.80 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 219.13 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 169.36 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 82.06 Hz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 3.62 kHz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 3.59 kHz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 1.39 kHz | C-Print (2010)


12 Tones 1.04 kHz | C-Print (2010)