Edition of 2

2-Channel HD Video + 4-Channel Generative Sound Composition (21-Pure Tones)
Black Mirrored Flooring
Size Variable


Artist Statement:

What if we could SEE the moment a sound is created? Imagine this sound moving outward from its source and playing with other sounds… what would we see? This was the idea from which this project emerged.


Sound is a ubiquitous element in the human experience – its presence or absence defines spaces, emotions, experiences, and time. My explorations and experimentations in art are focused on the active process of listening to, looking at, and feeling sound; slowing down time and linking sensoria to encourage immersion in a whole body experience.


Using scientific tools that allow for the direct visualization of sound I create opportunities to perceive our world in an altered state of awareness, to link sound and image in ear, eye, and mind. Our brains create linkages when sensory inputs occur synchronously, synaptically bonding a visual with a sound. This is synchresis, and Soundbursting No. 1 is an environment facilitating these connections.


Two separate compositions play continuously. Looping on different durations the pieces interact and intersect in an evolving movement. Tone and image appear and decay in a duet reflected infinitely: a visual approximation of the complex interplay of sound waves engulfing us every day.


Gary James Joynes/Clinker


Soundbusrting No.1 by Gary James Joynes is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts