PROVODY (Live Cinema)

Single Channel HD Video / 2-Channel Audio / Live Audio-Visual Performance

2006 – 2007



NEW FORMS FESTIVAL 2007 | Scotia Bank Dance Centre | Vancouver, Canada | September 12, 2007

INTERACTIVE SCREEN | Banff Centre BNMI | Banff, Canada | August 13, 2007

MUTEK FESTIVAL | Ex-Centris | A/Visions 1 | Montreal, Canada | May 30, 2007
Clinker | Boris & Brecht Debackere | Randy Jones | Semiconductor

ELECTROLLS II | Edmonton’s Ambient Music | Whitemud Crossing Library Theatre | March 16, 2007


PROVODY is an emotive journey through five movements of varying intensity that are both kinesthetic and synesthetic agents – an ode to life cycles with a few surprises.


CLINKER’s Provody began as a commissioned audio piece for Vague Terrain’s Digital Arts Journal 2006 feature on Minimalism. In 2007 it evolved into a full Live Cinema with a focus on creating a live synchresis between audio-visual events with no pre-programmed computer or MIDI synching. All A/V “connections” were made possible organically through the use of various layering/phasing/video mixing technics and unique to this piece, vocal microphone “pulses” – which triggered real-time video effects.


Provody is a Ukrainian (Orthodox) ritual for “the blessing of the graves.” I first became aware of this from someone very special to me whose family gathers annually to pray, remember and pay homage to relatives that have passed on. She described her personal experience with this as an emotional journey. I titled my latest work “Provody” because I feel a parallel between this ritual and the flow of emotions… reverie, sadness, loneliness, anger, loss, joy, peace, healing, contentment… one goes through at different stages of one’s life. I feel cleansed after listening to it.


Gary James Joynes – 2006