dc3 Art Projects | February 7 – March 16, 2013


The Topographic Sound series explores sound as a powerful force akin to the unstoppable impact of time and nature in the formations of geology. Six very large photo-based works own the gallery main space and can be seen as graphic scores of the musician manipulating sand and sound, or as evidence of the effects of nature and vibration on a microscopic scale as it is related to the effects of much larger vibrations – earth movements and solar rotation.


Also presented in the 2013 dc3 exhibition was the Alberta premiere of Ouroboros (2011), initially presented at Toronto’s Koffler Centre of the Arts. This is the largest installation of this work exploring sacred sound and form through video installation and photography to date.


Watch the…  Alberta Primetime Video Feature
Topographic Sound: An Explosive Exhibition
Original Air Date: Friday, March 01, 2013




There are a total of six C-Prints which have been released as the TOPOGRAPHIC SOUND Series

Click on an image below for more information on each edition.


Alluvium | C-Print (2013)


Anticline | C-Print (2013)


End-Moraine | C-Print (2013)


Karst-Aquifer | C-Print (2013)


Loess | C-Print (2013)


Meander-Scars | C-Print (2013)



Thank you to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for the amazing support provided in the realization of this exhibition.