Sonic Suns Chromaluxe Color Prints Installation by Gary James Joynes

There are a total of 33 SONIC SUNS EDITION Chromaluxe Color Prints which have been released as of October 2023.


Sonic Suns – The Photography Series

In parallel with the Sonic Suns installation, Gary James Joynes presents the Sonic Suns photography series, an exploration of the micro-subtle details inherent in the movement of sound wave energy. Armed again with his analog modular synthesizer, the custom wave pool tank, and a high-resolution camera capable of ultra fast shutter speed, Joynes captures the minutia of sound in its most delicate visual form. His process of tuning precise frequencies, amplitude and the modulation of complex waveforms enabled him to draw and then to freeze the essence of sound revealing the beauty of the invisible.

This series of images offers a new vocabulary of visual storytelling and is comprised of 33 meticulously crafted artworks grouped into these thematic narratives… “Tesla’s THEARC Tones, “Sonic Suns,” “Fibonacci Flowers,” and “Big Bang Genesis.


Sonic Suns Print Editions (Wall View Detail)


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Chromaluxe Color Prints

30″ Diameter
Edition Of 3


Tesla Tone 180 Hz, 2023

Tesla Tone 270 Hz, 2023

Tesla Tone 360 Hz, 2023

Tesla Tone 450 Hz, 2023

Tesla Tone 540 Hz, 2023

Tesla Tone 630 Hz, 2023



Chromaluxe Color Prints

20″ Diameter
40″ Diameter
Edition Of 3 Each Size


Sonic Suns No.1, 2023

Sonic Suns No.2, 2023

Sonic Suns No.3, 2023

Sonic Suns No.4, 2023

Sonic Suns No.5, 2023

Sonic Suns No.6, 2023

Sonic Suns No.7, 2023

Sonic Suns No.8, 2023

Sonic Suns No.9, 2023



Chromaluxe Color Prints

20″ Diameter
40″ Diameter
Edition Of 3 Each Size


Fibonacci Flower No.1, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.2, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.3, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.4, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.5, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.6, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.7, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.8, 2023

Fibonacci Flower No.9, 2023



Chromaluxe Color Prints

20″ Diameter
40″ Diameter
Edition Of 3 Each Size


Big Bang Genesis No.1, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.2, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.3, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.4, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.5, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.6, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.7, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.8, 2023

Big Bang Genesis No.9, 2023


Sonic Suns is a visual-sound installation and photography exhibition allowing audiences to experience the profound beauty of the unseen. It invites the active process of listening to, looking at, and feeling sound; linking sensoria to allow for immersion in a whole-body experience. It encourages a meditative state in viewers – to have them interrupt busy-ness for a prolonged moment of being-ness.


Gary James Joynes has been exploring the nature of sound through recording, performance, photography and video works for several decades. In his 2016 Foote Prize winning installation (Broken Sound, 2015) he explored the absence of sound as a physical state representing pauses in our lives and in the cyclical nature of life. As an important feature of Broken Sound, Joynes created his first visual field of artificial crepuscular rays. Crepuscular rays or “god rays” are naturally occurring sunbeams that originate when incoming light is partially obstructed by clouds or a canopy of trees in the forest, revealing beautiful shards of light through clouds or mist.


As Joynes witnessed these slowly morphing rays of intersecting bands of light he was emotionally moved by his floating light sculpture hovering above. In that moment he was struck with the question… “What if these rays could be an actual visualization of sound wave energy and movement through light?” This encounter marked the genesis for the creation of Sonic Suns in that moment of observation and reflection.


“If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.” 
– Nicola Tesla


Joynes’ fascination with esoteric science and the groundbreaking work of the visionary inventor Nicola Tesla added an additional layer of depth to Sonic Suns. Tesla’s exploration of sound, vibration, and frequency, especially his discovery of 6 harmonious tones with profound healing potential, became another source of inspiration. When played simultaneously Tesla claimed these 6 tones have the ability to open and cleanse the human pineal gland. Also known as the third eye, this area of the human brain is believed by many faiths to hold the key to spiritual enlightenment. Tesla named this series the Toroidal Harmonic Energy Activation Resonance Circle (THEARC) and it consists of the following 6 frequencies: 630 Hz (6+3=9), 540 Hz (5+4=9), 450 Hz (4+5=9), 360 Hz (3+6=9), 270 Hz (2+7=9), 180 Hz (1+8=9).


Tesla was obsessed with these numbers. He wanted the world to know the significance of the numbers 3 and 6 but especially 9. Highest of the single digits, the number 9 symbolizes universal spiritual laws that guide our spirituality as human beings. In many cultures it signifies love, faith, Karma and spiritual awakening. Curious about all of these possibilities Joynes has spent the last few years immersing himself into a deep listening practice within Tesla’s harmonic series. Experimenting with these frequencies has convinced him something very special happens when engaging with them. Through Sonic Suns he invites us to join him into a visual-sound journey of exploration inside of these 6 magical tones.


Sonic Suns – The Installation

The centerpiece of Sonic Suns is a dynamic visual-sound installation that beckons viewers into a realm where sound takes on tangible physical forms through light. Created using a modular analog synthesizer, Tesla’s 6 harmonic tones come to life, shaping vibrational wave energy that gracefully dances through a custom-made wave pool tank. This tank enables Joynes to draw and finesse sound through liquid resulting in mesmerizing visual-sound animations that are captured through video. Projecting onto a thin particulate haze in the gallery space each luminous reflection becomes an enchanting moment of the creation of crepuscular sound rays, allowing visitors to experience an intimate connection between sound and light. Joynes, also known as an accomplished vocalist infuses the work an additional meditative layer as he sings and accompanies Tesla’s 6 tones with his own voice. He invites you immerse yourself in Sonic Suns and his pan-sensory glimpse into the interconnectedness of the senses.


Special thanks to:
Edmonton Arts Council, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Peter & Camille Robertson, aAron Munson, Larry Kelly, Brian Webb, Oksana Movchan & David Candler.

All Sonic Suns video and photography documentation by aAron Munson.


Thank you to the EDMONTON ARTS COUNCIL for the amazing support provided in the realization of this work.