Single Channel HD Video / 2-Channel Audio / Live Audio-Visual Performance

2015 – Current



Exhibiting Sound Conference | Royal Alberta Museum Theatre | Edmonton, AB | October 30, 2015

ELEKTRA 16 Festival | Usine C | Montreal, QC, Canada | May 15, 2015

Particle + Wave Arts Festival | Festival Hall | Calgary, AB | February 7 , 2015


For SOUNDBURSTING (LIVE AV), Clinker (aka Gary James Joynes) mines into the textural nuance, patient minimalism and rich sonic palette inside of his prized 1976 Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer. Purposefully chosen as the only sound source used in this project the Minimoog is still considered one-of-the-most sought after synthesizers ever created known especially for its unrivalled subsonic bass frequency capabilities. This “mini” has been in his collection for many years and he embraces the aging and drifting oscillators and unclassifiable “broken” sound moments he sculpts from inside of his one-of-a-kind instrument. Joynes has vowed never to restore this machine choosing instead to listen to it age naturally and use the process to push into new sonic territory. So far he has been unsuccessful at breaking this machine but he promises to continue to try.


SOUNDBURSTING (LIVE AV) showcases Joynes’ latest cymatic sound wave animations chosen for their direct “visual-sound” relationship to his Minimoog sub bass explorations.